Aerocool Surge Protection Desktop Smart Charging Station 5 x 2.4a USB Ports 2 x 240v Ports SS2A25A – ODC-2A5U-AU

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Aerocool Surge Protection Desktop Smart Charging Station, 5 x 2.4a USB Ports, 2 x 240v Ports, SS2A25A – ODC-2A5U-AU

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Power Station for Your Desk 2 AC outlets and 5 USB ports Only one outlet next to your desk? Split one outlet into two with the ASA ChargingStation that has 2 AC outlets on board. Additional USB ports are available to connect up to five devices such as your cellphone, tablet, headphones, smartwatches and/or e-readers. No additional adapters needed. Perfect for charging a number of devices at work or at home. Charging Made Easy with Adaptive Power Supply When you connect any device to the ChargingStation the adaptive power supply in the USB charger detects and adjusts to discharge the right amount of current. This keeps you safe and ensures the lithium-ion batteries in your devices last longer. A Second Display at Your Fingertips The ChargingStation is designed to allow your device to stand enabling you to view your display while connected to the USB port. Anti-slip rubber footpads at the bottom of the station protects your device from slipping in case of accidents. Stay Safe with Surge Protection ASA safety system ensures your connected devices have complete protection from electrical short circuit, overheating, over-charging, unstable current flow and other electrical damage. Easy Access On/Off Switch on Station Easily accessible ‘One Click Switch’ to control the power supply is on the side of the ChargingStation. This controls the power supply to the entire station allowing you to quickly turn it on or off without reaching for the main AC outlet. Clean and Simple Design Every line and corner is carefully crafted. It looks great, feels great and no matter where you place it, it will power your devices and keep them safe.


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