NHP-180-T Proscend VDSL2 SFP Modem Suitable For -20°C to

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Proscend VDSL2 SFP Modem, Suitable For -20°C to 75°C temperature range, Suitable For Ubiquit USG and EdgeRouter – With 2021 NBN Compatible Firmware

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Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line SFP Module

The VDSL2 SFP Modem 180-T is a Telco-grade VDSL2 SFP modem that interconnects with Gateway Processor by using a MSA (MultiSource Agreement) compliant hot pluggable electrical interface. It is highly compatible with third party routers, switches, media converters and gateways with standard SFP interface.

The DSL chipset inside the VDSL2 SFP modem supports all VDSL2 profiles and ensures its interoperability with all existing broadband network services. As broadband access technology has evolved rapidly, Service Providers need to upgrade their broadband network service every few years.

Traditionally, Service Providers have replaced the entire CPE device in order to provide subscribers with faster Internet services. Not only does it increase their CAPEX and OPEX but also wastes resources and increase inventories. Leveraging 180-T in Service Providers’ product portfolio will help them significantly reduced the software porting and testing effort and shorten their product time-to-market.

Support all VDSL2 profiles.
MSA compliant hot pluggable electrical interface.
Wide -20°C to 75°C temperature range.
With the modulation of VDSL2 broadband access, the VDSL2 SFP Modem 180-T can be integrated with routers, switches or residential gateways that are equipped with a SFP type of WAN interface. There’s no more need for Service Providers to maintain more than one type of CPE device in the field or in the warehouse, moreover, this also can give them the possibility to future upgrade. Users can upgrade to any broadband access data rate easily only by plugging in different type of WAN SFPs such as VDSL2 35b/G.fast or optical TRx SFPs with the same internet box and user interface.

Manufacturer: Ubiquiti
Manufacturer SKU: PS180-T
Months warranty: 12

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